Wrapped Generation 0 Kitties
Wrapped Gen 0 (WG0) is an ERC20 token, backed 1:1 by an ERC721 Generation 0 CryptoKitty. WG0 is a minor modification of the original general purrpose kitty wrapper, WCK


Lite Papurr

After being in the NFT space for years, one of the apparent issues holding NFTs back from larger adoption is their lack of liquidity and their tendency to have "high spreads" on premium items. This is an inherent problem for all NFTs, along with the additional complexity of understanding the respective market to speculate efficiently. While market experts do exist and are often helpful to newcomers, many with less time to DYOR are left to try and figure out what others have had years to learn.

WCK was the first experiment to make NFTs that were sufficiently fungible back into ERC20s for ease of trading. With WCK, any cryptokitty, regardless of market value, could be wrapped 1:1 for a WCK token. WG0 is a modification of the original experiment, with the additional requirement that the cryptokitty must be a generation 0 kitty. Generation 0s are interesting as they are supply capped by the CK contract, and are easily recognizable as a core collectible in one of the most popular dapps of all time.

There are only two ways to get a WG0 token: wrap an existing Gen 0 kitty that you own, or buy one from Uniswap. A WG0 token is always backed exactly 1:1 with a Gen 0 kitty, and at any time a holder of 1 WG0 token can "burn" the token and withdraw any Gen 0 from the WG0 contract. This creates unique opportunities to arbitrage between the CK g0 marketplace and the WG0 pool as well as the ability to "upgrade" any g0 you may own with any g0 in the pool.

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